Sam Books is a 17 Year old male who loves to race.

Sam Books
Sam Books
Sam Books


Racer/Dare Devil






Chocolate, Racing, Stunts, Cars, Motorcycles, Cheetos, School, Reading, Jessica Moon (Girlfriend)


Messes, Internet, Being woken up, Being beaten in a race

Hair Color:


Eye Color:


Car Number:



As a boy Sam always wanted to race, His dad was a great racer. One day his dad was killed in a car crash, Sam then promised his dad he would be the best racer ever. His mom, Didn't want him to race, And tried to stop him, but Sam did it anyway. (God..Talk about not listening to your mother..) When he was 13 he had his first race, He came in 3rd place, And was cheered on by people all over. When he was 15, He won his first race, He was loved even more. His mother passed away when he was 16, She had come down with a great illness. He is now 18, And has won 23 races so far.


Sam is a Bad Boy, and is very cocky, When he wants to, He can be the nicest person you would know. Sam loves to do stunts and such. But NEVER make him angry when he's driving.

Sams Car

Sam's Car.

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