The Racing League is done twice a year at different dates, it is spread out among five days. With 4 races per day each ten laps. The league involves 16 racers. The League is built on a point system. The point amounts are different for each position.

Position Points
1st Place 16
2nd Place 13
3rd Place 10
4th Place 9
5th Place 8
6th Place 7
7th Place 5
8th Place 4
9th Place 3
10th Place 3
11th Place 2
12th Place 2
13th Place 1
14th Place 1
15th Place 0
16th Place 0

The Racer with the most points at the end wins the league and gets another car space, making 3 cars allowed for that driver. 2nd Place gets 3 extra points at next league's end. 3rd place is rewarded 2 extra points at next league's end.

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